The Artist

Jeff Callihan has spent over 16 years chasing light with his camera, in some of the most rugged terrain Mother Nature has to offer.  Jeff’s adventurous spirit pushes him beyond the average person to search for new places and create unique pieces of fine art.


Years ago, Jeff taught himself the art of photography and quit his day job. Jeff traveled north to Montana. It was in the unforgiving wilderness of Glacier National Park, where Jeff fine tuned his craft and grew as an artist. 


Jeff strives to push the boundaries of fine art in every piece he creates. Jeff’s fine art pieces are created by blending his uncompromising eye with the natural beauty of nature. Each photograph represents days and sometimes months of location scouting in the elements. 


When you purchase a Jeff Callihan, the fine art transcends into the process in which it was created. Jeff relies on natural light to bring his fine photographs to life. Each fine art piece is minimally proceed before it is developed. Every piece is meticulously evaluated before it goes to print. 


All printing and framing is done in-house by Jeff. Jeff hand crafts metal frames and stands for all of his pieces. Just like Jeff’s fine art, his frames are considered pieces of art too. Each frame is constructed and treated to match the original fine art piece that it frames.

No matter if he is in 10 feet of snow or proofing his latest masterpiece,  Jeff's passion for adventure and the pursuit of the perfect light is constant and inspiring.  It is 

undeniable that Jeff Callihan is a rising star in the world of  fine art photography.